Behind the Scenes 2017

It's that time of year! Behind the Scenes with Sarah Brookhart Photography 2017! This post was probably more fun for me to make than it will be for you to read. But anywho! Here's a little glimpse of what we do behind the camera on a wedding day.  It's full of Ryan's killer dance moves, Becca being cute as a button, and my hot mess hair styles. On a serious note, I am extremely grateful and blessed to have Ryan and Becca on the team and in my life. They are both talented, wonderful people. Enjoy! 

Dear Becca, thank you for holding all the bags. 

I can't even tell you how many boutonnieres I put on groomsmen this year. 


Becca is a gem of a photographer, friend, and person. 


Ryan is one of the best dancers I know. If he second shoots your wedding, get ready to see some killer dance moves. 


The Sarah Straddle. 


I love when we get to work alongside our friends and videographers, David and Sarah